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postGrad Baby-sitting

As of last week I’ve been officially assigned as staff slash clerk slash all-around assistant slash lackey at the postGrad program of this uni I recently started teaching at. I still teach, mind, but as with every other lecturer at this uni I’m bound to hold a staff position in one of the faculties in addition to teaching.

The thing that jawdrops me is how they hold the final semester exam down here. I’ve been assigned as exam attendant (don’t really know what to call that in English – it’s the dude that distributes exam sheets, etc. and stares at students during exam and is tasked to make life more miserable for them than it already is) the last two days, and let me tell you folks what I’ve seen here is absolutely hilarious.

First of all, the postGrad exams are all open-book; plus examinees are allowed to use the internet to answer questions. So there I was staring at middle-aged postGrad students working out exam questions with laptops on their desks; googling their asses off.

Second, it’s a group exam. I don’t know if such a thing even existed, or if it was officially made that way, but it sure as hell looks like one. People keep bouncing around from one desk to the next, checking out each other’s work. They need to make sure they don’t have exactly the same answers, you see. That would be, you know, cheating.

I’ve been told it’s how things are normally done around here, and that I should let them be. My job was to make sure they’re comfy and fully accommodated. Oh, did I mention we serve them lunch and snacks and coffee during exam? Anyway, I’m also told these guys pay too much money to be subjected to fair play. Indeed, no one throws away 10 million IDR per semester to get their degree the hard way.

I hope someone drops a comment saying that’s the way it is in other parts of the planet too and that I’m just plain too stupid to notice. That way I can sleep better and stop making a fuss over this.

Oh, for those of you who are new to this blog, I’m an Indonesian dude living in Papua Province, Indonesia. So if you know a thing or two about this place, feel free to relate everything I just told you to Special Autonomy, affirmative action and all that crap. I’m not in the mood to talk politics…..yet.
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